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They tried the track every single hour and saying I did reaearech didn't cut it. The turnover rate is extremely high due to lack of courtesy or respect.

Management in my division is 100% worried about revenue and treats its employees like garbage.

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The worst decision of my professional career was taking a job at GCR.

Advice to Management Offer retirement packages to the bad apple(s) in upper management.

Accordingly, two compounds of the 4-4-2 wheel arrangement were built: no. Smith, in which there were three cylinders: the boiler fed a single high-pressure cylinder placed between the frames, where the steam was partially used; it was then passed to two low-pressure cylinders mounted outside the frames, which extracted the remaining useful work from the steam.

The same system had already been tried by Smith's employers, the North Eastern Railway in their class 3CC of 1898, and with great success by the Midland Railway (MR) in their 1000 class of 1902.

365 was named by October 1907 after the former GCR General Manager; and no.