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It’s still going to be next year for sure and most likely in the summer and ayun malapit na malapit na,” she said.

Despite his rise to giddy heights, however, he always proclaimed loyalty to his origins: "Never, come what may, will I ever forget that in the truth of my soul I am nothing more and nothing less than one of the 16 children of the telegraph operator of Aracataca."Colombia used to have a reputation as the most conservative and traditional of Latin America's larger republics, the place where the purest Spanish was spoken, where the Catholic religion was most venerated, and where the old colonial ways, and their 19th-century prolongations, were most tenacious.

The 20th century, with its successive waves of political, social and economic disaster, did not entirely dissipate this vision in the minds of Colombians themselves, though the rest of the world now saw the country through more violent images of drug-trafficking and civil dislocation.

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Garcia, however, graciously told entertainment site Push that the wedding will definitely push through in summer next year.