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Like the Modifies, combining two different directions creates different moves.

For example: RIGHT RIGHT X = Hitchhiker Tailwhip(UP RIGHT) (UP RIGHT) X = Barride You can also Modify (see 'Modifies') your Flatland Tricks.

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The game does not mean "Press UP, then RIGHT, then X" It means "Press DIAGONALLY UP AND RIGHT, then X." Confused? For the remainder of this guide we'll use "UP RIGHT" or similar notation as "(UP RIGHT)". To get maximum height and distance in a half pipe or ramp, press and hold A to accelerate as you're approaching.

I added the parentheses to lump the two directions together, so you'll know not to perform them separately. Release A when your front wheel immediately clears the top of the ramp or hill. Practice this technique to perfect it and watch how high you can fly.

Adding a button that would help you find replays will help the video creators and replay makers by not having to:- ) Go into notepad to know which replay is the right one through seeing the mod or player names.

) Explore the replay folder to see the last edited one ) Check the mod folder to know whether they got the replays they got off the forums(downloading replays with custom mods for a video/replay edit etc) Ofc you wouldn't like doing these things if you had like 400 replays in your folder with the half having random names.

The faster you perform the tricks, the more you'll do. Get lots of height, and be prepared to do some impressive moves.