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No, all online dating apps and sites are not equal. There are some that exist which I would say are 100% scams.

You can also expect that I am going to be brutally honest in my reviews. I’ll be updating and ranking my reviews on a regular basis as things change so no review will ever go stale.

You may hear a thing or two that you disapprove of when reading. You should also expect the newest and best sex dating apps to be reviewed right away on my site.

In fact, it’s quite common for most to allow you to join for free and even create a profile.

However, I strongly believe that you get what you pay for.

was basically my way of giving back to everyone given that I’ve become somewhat of an expert on using these hookup apps.

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    Most of the online users are guys who want to chat with girls, but girls hate annoying messages from guys.

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    is marketed as a casual dating site, a place where nobody takes dating too seriously, and everybody’s up for having a very naughty time. This is one dating site that you’ll want to avoid like Russell Brand on your wedding night.

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    In the meantime, you likely will be racking up costly late fees and interest charges on all your debts.

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