Frequency communication dating

Eventually, we come to believe any argument, relationship break up, or person who does not like us comes from poor communication.Think of a worldly issue, like abortion or the death penalty, that you have a strong stance on.

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ies, deception, misunderstandings, distortions, and deceit is easier to accept than the truth. Ignorance has a cushioning effect to soften the harshness of reality.

You can ignore the truth because it is uncomfortable to face, but other times you accept myths over truth because you know no difference.

They say we focus too much on bland words and facts. The emotional content of conflict needs to be handled first before facts can surface. Even in business communications you need to focus on emotion.

We want others to understand how we feel instead of pointing out the facts or telling us how to feel.

The greatest myths of communication are arranged in order depending on their frequency and strength in people’s minds.