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The relief of Calimani Mountains (the highest volcanic mountains on the Romanian territory, Pietrosul Calimani Crest being the only one that exceeds 2000m in altitude) offer the most spectacular and attractive forms: Caliman volcanic crater, with a diameter of about 10 km, the strange forms of volcanic rocks on the Reţiţis, Tămău, Lucaciu si Pietrosul, the “12 Apostoli” rocks with ruin aspect and the Juniper Reservation with Pinus Cembra, where we can find a natural brush in close admixture of pine and Swiss pine (pinus cembra) unique in the country, and very rare in Europe.


Pietrosu crest (with an altitude of 1.791m) offers a fascinating view for those who dare to climb the heavy slanted slope.

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These regions are progressively descending from the west to the east, in parallel stripes, with north to south arrangement.