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The online site was used up to the point of registering the airtime card purchased from a Family Dollar store. From there I called the 800 number (from my land line) and was able to finish up using 1st my credit card, then the PIN card after the consumer service guy worked it through the system.

You’ll still need to login (or use Touch ID) as usual when downloading things, but there will no longer be a credit card tied to the account which limits the account to free downloads, or to whatever credit is applied to the account.

This is a great solution for setting up secondary devices, devices for kids, or even for yourself if you just want to avoid spending too much on apps and games.

I guess because I added $10 two times (credit card and airtime card with PIN) I now have 6 months of ... Phones aren't getting any cheaper unless they're old ones. With lite to heavy use, I can't can't kill my battery in a single day. full review My review of the i Phone 5s versus the Galaxy s4 (in case any of you are upgrading phones and trying to decide). I have a Samsung S6 and it works just great with it, I can dictate a text message to my phone while driving and my hands never leave the wheel once I press the little button on it once.

full review So I've using android for almost 3 years and wanted to try something new. So don't think you have to be rich to get an i Phone! So big phone but if u like your battery to last u most of the day consider the 6plus. Side note: Like Coke and Pepsi, there will be folks that are biased toward one or the other, but my hope is to point out some key differences should it help others in their overall decision making process.i Phone 5s-Better native keyboard – more precise and predictive. The auto correct is great on the 5s.-Siri – Smoother and better voice accuracy. I provide commands (“remind me about the 8am dentist appointment on December 31th”) and Siri understands. Great battery life and it comes with 3 ear buds so perfect fit! Okay, there has been a hype for about a few months now, and the new 4" i Phone is finally here.

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