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However, the first Bengali feature film, Billwamangal, was produced in 1919, under the banner of Madan Theatre.

Bilat Ferat was the IBFC's first production in 1921.

Within a decade, the first seeds of the industry was sown by Hiralal Sen, considered a stalwart of Victorian era cinema Dhirendra Nath Ganguly (known as D.

G.) established the Indo British Film Co, the first Bengali-owned production company, in 1918.

Although the industry's Gross Box-office is smaller, when compared to large market driven industries of the country such as Bollywood, Telugu cinema, Tamil cinema and Malayalam cinema the Bengali film industry is known for producing many of Indian cinema's most critically acclaimed global Parallel Cinema and art films, with several of its filmmakers gaining international acclaim, and prominence at the Indian National Film Awards.