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it`s a pretty abrupt way to end a game if you accidentally get in there. - Enter the Gym - Your decision, I choosed (played before) - Reception - Talk to ladies ??

Sure No trouble Watch her walk away We were talking about a guided tour Read over papers Um..gee.. Lead on pretty lady It`s got everything I`ll need to start with Ok, What`s next --Go in and check out the changing rooms-- You got it! --Leave the Gym-- Click on Cassie and Vic`s house (use help button if required) --Knock on the door-- Show me the way. you`ll get busted) "My pleasure, how about you do me tomorrow." "I stretched you today, you stretch me tomorrow." "No need to apologise, I`ll see you tomorrow." *** Nicola and Misty *** Click on the weight bench --Look up-- "Geez, you scared me half to death" "Thanks, It seems there is a lot to learn around here." "Like what? " Click on the Gazebo "Yes ma`am" "Wh wh wh what are you doing? How about I leave you to it." "Now I`m interested in yoga" --Try to look like you know what you are doing-- --Try harder (you currently look very silly)-- "What do you want? Thanks for offering." --Click-- "I`m not the one with a hot ass in a g-string." "You guess right.

--Exit the changing rooms-- --Head over to the couches-- --Sign more paperwork-- I`m really looking forward to seeing more of you too Are you serious, where? --Sit-- That`s good advice..what time do you usually get here? " "Good to know." "Sure thing." --Spot to the best of your abilities-- "I`d love to." --Back to your apartment-- --Back to the map-- *** Casey the yoga instructor Part 2 *** Click on the Aerobics Room "Hi Casey." "Ok, I`m ready to do this." "Sure, how bad can it be." --Do as she asks-- "So whats it going to cost me for this service? " "WOW, you had better be good company, an hour with a PT is cheaper." "Great, tonight ? " "I don`t think I like the sound of this." "Grab her thighs" --Stand Up-- "I wouldn`t dream of it. " "It`s time I returned the favour." --Put your hand on her knee-- --Push hand between legs and pull them open-- --Slip hand down her panties-- --Start fingering her-- --Finger her until she cums-- --Slide hand out of her panties-- "Lets go back to my place" --Listen-- "What`s going on? " "Not really, no." "Oh shit, hey that feels great." "Oh.... " "Yes I have." "I`ll be over as soon as I get a chance." --Mental note... Think of it as the price of admission." "Don`t let me stop you." "Almost. " --Fumble around getting undressed-- "I think my knob speaks for both of us!

its an ok gam,but it needs more work ,i cant wait till the sauna gets fixed.

Good game, I like the different story`s you can do, but I cannot find that annoying dildo ( for the other girl with the red head) so it always end getting punched in the face by the red head`s boyfriend, where is the dildo? - Back to your apartment - Enter the Gym - Weights room - Go over to Nic - Are we??

Not suffered the bugs people complain about - a couple black screens but nothing major given the the traffic the site appears to be getting. For all the great reviews you people are giving - hope you`re donating! I enjoyed the Game, I was one of the lucky ones where it played for me with very few problems. You are a godess, can you reach in here and hold this for a minute. " "I won`t kill anyone for you, other than that, sure thing." "It`ll cost you." "I work for coffee, you`ll need to buy me one." "Yes ma`am." --Lie down on Casey-- "Anytime" --Check mirror-- "If your boyfriend saw me doing this, he`d kill me on the spot!! " --Next stretch-- --Let her up-- Sure, just let me have a quick shower first and I`ll meet you at the cafe.