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The show picks up where the film left off, with Lionel breaking the story on a blackface party hosted by Winchester University’s white-staffed humor magazine.Before the show’s premiere, Vulture spoke with Horton about going deeper with Lionel, playing a black gay nerd, the backlash to the show, and the truth behind those masturbation scenes.Tyler did a great job, but in the TV series, you get to see all these fantasies and things that go through Lionel’s head.

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Bell) allows his friends’ homophobic remarks to go unchecked, which might trick the audience into thinking he’s also homophobic. Hopefully, seeing how easy it was for Lionel can make it as easy for whoever watches the show.

We see Lionel masturbate to Troy having sex in the other room.

That was a 35-second teaser and no white people were killed, so …

Remain ignorant as long as you want, but the rest of the world is gonna try to progress.

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