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- Their plans for outdoor rinks - A 32-page history of Toronto's outdoor ice rinks, by Jutta Mason - Read about better ways of stewarding our mechanically-cooled outdoor rinks here. If you're wondering about ice conditions at a rink with good shade and frequent resurfacing, this link is a good place to look for yourself.Information gathered from For drop-in hockey and shinny times, see this schedule (shows arenas as well as outdoor rinks): drop in hockey and shinny.I am preparing a paper to present at a heritage conference in Ottawa later this year on the impact that climate change is having on the Hockey Cultural Heritage Landscape....

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It's not unusual for people to say that they're sure the artificial ice rinks must be on the decline because it's too warm, and so they are switching, already now, to some other kind of physical activity, usually inside a gym.

But the compressor-cooled outdoor rinks are not declining at all -- their ice is good most of the time.

He or she would then post signs or flags to let skaters know when the ice is safe to use, and which parts of the pond are available for skating....

Council voted in favour of the motion only after [Councillor] Doucette agreed to drop the funding request from $50,000 to $25,000.

It maintains more than 4,000 emergency-shelter beds in 58 locations.