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He's risking all of that for you.''The reason I'm upset is because you're giving this kind of advice to young girls. People need to know that this isn't normal in a relationship.' Okay you guys, I wanted to address something, mainly with you girls, about your boyfriend or the guy you're talking to and I just wanted to say that if your boyfriend or the guy that you're with puts his hands on you like he hits you or beats you up or whatever he does. That n***** f****** loves you because he's risking for you to press charges on him, he is risking for you know, you calling the police or you know, he - he's gonna do time or he's gonna have to pay money to get out of jail or whatever the case may be, he's risking all of that for you. Because honestly, like, a guy that's willing to do that for a girl, it's - I mean, it's amazing, like, not many guys you have out there care enough for the girls to do that.

Girls who follow and look up to you (for some odd reason). But the guys that do that they're the real like the real ass n***** and you - you girls need to appreciate it.'Like, he hit me in my eye whatever, he gave me a black-eye.

The advancement was never more evident than on April 15, 2013 when two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon.

After the terrorist attack, thousands of videos and pictures of the event were taken which helped police find the culprits.

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