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Free ai chats that will have cyber sex

As long as it seems to work for you, I’d say give it a go.

My one big question is whether the personality table will randomly affect the answers, or if there will be some feedback from the input that will influence it.

Am I supposed to read AI (questions and answers) from My SQL to PHP (maybe in an array or some sort of a map) or is it OK to connect to a DB every time I ask bot a question? By starting a new chatbot/chatbot platform from scratch, you’ll be taking significantly more time in creating your project, but you’ll have far greater control over your chatbot’s behavior, so there’s a pretty big trade-off involved.

It just uses if then sentences, i.e.: Q: how are you? It was created by Liz Perreau, and I joined the development team almost 2 years ago.

Must I “train” it like this or is there a smarter, but still relatively simple way to train it? Simon Hi there, Simon, and welcome to!