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I have a huge button collection in a large round tin, I would post it, but it weighs a ton!!!! Holy cow NN you are just an amazing woman, all those knitted jumpers for the dear little hennies, just wonderful, it warms the heart!!!!

Cast on 10 sts at beginning of next row, k14, p to last 14sts, k14. Mum-in-law had a terrific button box, only to be expected with six children. I have never been able to replicate it, maybe 'cos my old garments go to charity shops and the buttons go with them!

Work buttonholes; (work these 2 rows straight if using Velcro). Next row – cast off 10 sts, k4, p2 tog, p to last 6 sts, p2tog, k4. We had a lot of buttons because we used to make rag rugs and Mum used to make quilts as well so all the buttons had to be cut off.

Here are the jumper patterns that Neil asked me for. The second one is the one I adapted from it making it easier to follow and giving an alternative neck that doesn't need crochet around it. NN, that is so nice of your neighbour and the lady at the shop!

If you could make some for the Little Hen people, it would be much appreciated as the bald hens get sent to their new owners wearing one during the cold weather so as you can imagine they do get through loads of them. I feel I should be knitting now instead of typing!!

I also like to put something back into life if you know what I mean.

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