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Also spelled The pen made from a dried reed, used from about 200 B. for writing in ink on papyrus, as distinct from the stylus used during the same period for writing on wax tablets and the quill pen used from the 6th century for writing on parchment and vellum (see this example).

Marc Drogin notes in (Allanheld & Schram, 1980) that a sharp point was used at first, producing monoline script. C., a broad-nibbed reed was used, allowing the scribe to vary the width of pen strokes, giving the letterforms a more calligraphic appearance.

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His first published drawings appeared in a Manchester newspaper.

After various journals accepted his work, Caldecott went to London in 1872 where he studied at the Slade School with Sir Edward Poynter.

Cadels were an exaggerated form of gothic ) and here to see an illuminated example in a 15th-century Flemish manuscript (Getty Museum, MS 37).

Click here to see a large rubricated cadel in a 16th-century Scottish manuscript (British Library, Arundel 285).

A tabular register of the days in a year, usually arranged by month and within each month by week, sometimes indicating the dates of important events such as national and religious holidays.

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