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Additionally, many women who do have smaller partners tell me they don’t totally enjoy sex because they feel self-conscious, embarrassed, or unfulfilled because they can’t “let go” during sex.

Most women I know would not be comfortable with that size difference, and in candid moments, friends have asked, “So, how does work? I’m here to explore that topic, specifically the issue of being a fat woman having sex with a smaller partner.

I know many women who would love to have sex with smaller partners but feel that it wouldn’t work mechanically, that two drastically different bodies couldn’t come together in a pleasurable way.

Next, get some decent water-based lubricant, just in case.

I’ve heard a lot about fat women having “big vaginas,” which honestly doesn’t make any sense at all. That would be like saying that fat women have bigger kidneys just because they’re fat. What’s far more likely is that you may just encounter the opposite – a fat woman’s vagina can be hard enter, especially if it’s not properly lubricated.

If you’re lubricated well and take care to spread apart the fat surrounding the vagina, you should be good to go.

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