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The website of Planet Romeo Foundation can be found at [1].

We decided to see which hook up apps designed specifically for gay men are used most around the world, based on the number of downloads in different countries. The data is based on the number of downloaded apps through the i OS App Store and Google Play in August, a month chosen to keep the comparisons standardized.

According to the app, over 2 million dudes in 196 countries use Grindr each and every day.

Features: Users are grouped into "tribes" and can browse profiles of users in their area.

You can apply filters to narrow your search and send photos in chat, as well as make a very short profile description.

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    For example, the daughters of Zelophehad came to Moses to ask if they could marry into another tribe.

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    Whereas a lot of people in their profiles will put down "safer sex only," then they meet up, that means we do not have to have a discussion about it because, let's say I responded to an ad that said "safer sex only" or we both wrote "safer sex only." However, for me, "safer sex" is "no unprotected anal intercourse" and, for you, "safer sex" is "no anal intercourse at all." And then that is not being discussed. MV: So, is there a misperception with the Internet where it seems clear that you can say, "I'm HIV-negative, STD-free" but that does not get into when you were last tested or what that means for you, and so that it appears that it is all out there in the open but it is really not being addressed?

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    Karina said she was always on the road working and that made life difficult for her and that men wanted to 'tame' her and stop her working and to stay at home.