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The devastating flaw lies in Samsung's dialling software, triggered by the tel protocol in a URL.

It isn't applicable to all the company's Android handsets, but those that are vulnerable can have their PIN changed or be wiped completely just by visiting a web page or snapping a bad QR code, or even bonking up against the wrong wireless NFC tag.

Your character data, including items, is safely stored on the backup!

We cannot rule out that the intruder(s) is/are still in possession of additional personal data, although to date we have received no report of any fraudulent use.

According to forbe,"The list also contained 8.2 million unique e-mail addresses, including 3 million American accounts from the US, 2.4 million accounts from Germany, and 1.3 million accounts from France."Gamigo warned users in early March that an attack on the Gamigo database had exposed hashed passwords and usernames and possibly other, unspecified additional personal data.