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In an interview with Now TV, Edison said, “The media spun this story.

I do not believe that I have the power to make their marriage end! They (Cecilia and Nicholas) should be pitied instead; there is a lot of stress for a divorced couple. But Nicholas Tse is still my friend; this will affect him! ” Trained Mental Strength Since the 2008 nude photo scandal, Edison Chen became Hong Kong’s greatest “sex sinner.” His popularity plummeted, his film career died, and he lost a lot of friends.

“If you asked me what I wanted 5 years ago, my answer would have been: money, money, money!

My needs are more simple now; I learned to enjoy life.” Confusing Love Life Despite drawing distance from the 2008 nude photo scandal as much as possible, Edison was still frequently asked in interviews regarding the incident.

Jayne: Until another sex scandal comes along of Edison-gate’s magnitude, Edison will continue to be asked questions about this.