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A strong sense of schadenfreude, deeply unfriendly to foreign women, particularly if you are from a country they wish they were from and try to emulate in their attitude.

Loud, crass, acting entitled, completely overbearing and often with no manners.

Who stated that Dutch women are rude to and dislike foreign women. I’ve observed Dutch women hating on foreign women who were in relationships with Dutch men, or who were being admired by Dutch men. As an Italian, we admire beautiful women regardless of their culture, and regardless of whether they’re with a fellow Italian man. And yet they resent it deeply when other women have it. And Amsterdam is like a fantastic playground to meet lots of beautiful, tall, sexy men to lure into our feminine lairs.

And no amount of dressing up and wearing a ton of make up can accomplish it either. Where we can seduce them and take good, good care of them. I’m intrigued by Dutch women….never been to Holland but hope to visit someday…some very nice Dutch women here in the Carib bean and hope to find a life partner…I love them blond, solid body and tall….smile There is a lot of truth in most of these comments.

To me they come across very uncouth, unrefined and unfeminine. Guess what, you are probably not that dream guy they are looking for (as are 90% of all other men).