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Jan 2006 If you enjoy this book, do let the author know. Citizens no longer talk to their neighbours; they connect only to buddy-lists and address-books. The water seems both chilly and warm at the same time.

This book has been written in La Te X by the author and subsequently converted to HTML and the boom! Society is dissociating into little more than groups of rival gangs, with little respect for authoritarian government or the rule of law. “Well, you’re obviously you’re in one of your states. He can feel bubbles of air loosening from his body as he cuts through it.

“Look it’s very very crowded on the bus and I am in no mood for your whining, little one. Don’t fall part on me while I’m on the fucking bus. And here she is, trying to purge it from her consciousness; trying to render a poison of uncertainty and doubt neutral with fresh mountain air and affirmative action. A recollection settles over her like a burden of unnecessary and surplus gravity, as if the mountain itself were not enough to try her. After an indiscernable time, the path seems to dissolve ahead of her, and the trees scatter as if startled by her arrival.

Her dreaming has tricked her back to an unpleasantness of the past.

It is not too high, but there is an elasticity to it that makes it non-trivial to keep it down as she swings her backpack-laden form over it.