Dreamweaver pages not updating template

This tutorial shows you how to create a Dreamweaver template based on a page you have created and how you can apply your template to other pages in your site.A Dreamweaver template can be generated from any HTML or PHP page.So within my project folder I have an index HTML file which links to my CSS page and other various resources that will be used by ALL future HTML webpages created.

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Remember, you don’t want to make everything editable, just the areas you’ll change; for example, the list of navigation links at the top of this template should not be editable regions, because then you’ll be able to update those areas on all of the pages that use this template at a later time by simply updating the template (see Step 9).6 NAME EDITABLE REGION Each time you insert an editable region into your page, you need to name it.

You can name editable regions anything you like, just don’t use spaces or special characters.

Choose Page From Template in the New Document dialog, choose the name of the site you’re working on from the Site list, and select a template for your site.

Use the preview to make sure you select the correct template.

Dreamweaver templates allow you to have a consistent look and feel on all the pages in your site.