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Among respondents who remained married at the time of the survey, marital satisfaction was observed to vary across the on-line venues in which they met their spouse [ Traditionally, people met their spouse in off-line settings: work, school, social gatherings, and so forth.The majority of Americans still meet their spouse off-line, and among the off-line venues associated with high marital satisfaction are schools, growing up together, social gatherings, and places of worship, whereas among the venues associated with relatively low levels of marital satisfaction are bars/clubs, work, and blind dates.As in prior research (2), marital break-ups were defined as separated or divorced and constituted 7.44% of the sample. 21.66% of the respondents who met their spouse offline met through work, 19.06% through friends, 10.97% at school, 6.77% through family, 8.73% at a bar/club, 4.09% at a place of worship, 9.99% at a social gathering, 7.57% grew up together, 2.66% met on a blind date, and 8.51% met through “other” venues. Of the respondents who met their spouse online, 4.64% met through instant messaging, 2.04% through e-mail, 9.51% in a chat room, 1.89% through a discussion group/posting board, 20.87% through social network, 2.13% in a virtual world, 3.59% on a multiplayer game site, 6.18% in an online community, 1.59% on a message/blog site, 45.01% through an online dating site, and 2.51% met through “other” online venues. Of the 45.01% who met through an online dating site, 25.04% met on e Harmony, 24.34% on Match, 7.21% on Yahoo, 5.71% on Plenty of Fish (POF), 24.74% were spread in smaller numbers ( We found evidence for a dramatic shift since the advent of the Internet in how people are meeting their spouse (3, 8).

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The 2011 American Time Use Survey indicates that, on average, men now spend 9.65% and women spend 6.81% of their leisure time on-line (1).

The Internet has also changed how Americans meet their spouse.

The rise in the Internet has transformed how Americans work, play, search, shop, study, and communicate.

Facebook has grown from its inception in 2004 to over a billion users, and Twitter has grown from its start in 2006 to more than 500 million users.

Results indicated that of the continuing marriages, those in which respondents met their spouse on-line were rated as more satisfying than marriages that began in an off-line meeting.