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What you COULD do is make object wrappers for your components, a la: TButton Wrapper = class(TInterfaced Object, IModel Item) private FButton : TButton; protected // Add methods that IModel Item supports in here procedure Destroyed Elsewhere; public constructor Create(const AButton: TButton; const AParent: TWin Control); destructor Destroy; override; end; constructor TButton Wrapper. Passing a COM interface to another COM Interface 10.Create(const AButton: TButton; const AParent: TWin Control); begin inherited Create; FButton := AButton; FButton. Passing interfaces as parameters in interface methods 8.

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VCL provides native support for PME (properties, methods and events) model at the . One of the main architects of the first Delphi versions, Anders Hejlsberg, was hired by Microsoft and became one of the main architects of . This became the subject of a lawsuit: at the time (1996), "Borland alleged that Microsoft had hired 34 Borland employees over the past 30 months in order to steal Borland trade secrets.

Borland also claimed that Microsoft offered and delivered expensive lures to Borland workers.

VCL forms a class hierarchy with a common ancestor, the TComponent class (which inherits from TObject, the root class in Delphi Object Pascal).

This is a common approach shared by the Java programming language, Smalltalk, C# and many other object-oriented programming languages.

The Lazarus project has a portable (*nix, OS/X, Win32/64 wince) equivalent called LCL, which was already working when Kylix and CLX emerged.