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But here’s the kicker (I’ve never before used this phrase in print): This crazy mofo Gus won’t let me pay for him the Donuts.Come on Gus, you just gave me a cup of coffee and well over a dozen fresh Donuts, let me pay you something.Just as I start to appreciate the wad of plain cake dough that’s resting in my mouth, the taste of chocolate takes over.

I think Mike’s son-in-law is also involved too but I don’t know his name.

I spoke with Gus a few weeks ago over a steaming cup of black coffee and a plain glazed, which I have to say is one of the best in all of Brooklyn.

A reviewer for the Austin Chronicle wrote that preparation of some of the recipes was "a massive pain" to prepare due to the fact that there were many "sub-recipes" to be prepared before making the main item.

This book contains recipes for dishes, some savory, that the author and other chefs may prepare for themselves and friends during their off hours.

Milk Bar consists of a central bakery that produces baked goods daily for five retail outlets in New York City This book mostly contains recipes of the desserts that are sold at the Momofuku Milk Bar. Lisa Messinger wrote, "Tosi is a talented new voice you want whispering in your ear as you bake." Although reviewers praised the sweet concoctions that were included in the first book, one reviewer wrote that because the book is not written for the home cook, she found it very demanding to prepare the recipes since they are not tested for use in a home kitchen, some of the ingredients are not easy to obtain (glucose, gelatin and freeze-dried corn powder were mentioned), preparation of some needed intermediate ingredients are quite laborious and many home ovens do not operate in the same way as a commercial oven.