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I happen to have met my true love the same time I decided that going to school three hours away was the best choice for me.It was the best choice I could make to grow as an individual.


This shift in romantic expectations is an encouraging indication that alternative relationships may just become the […] Quiz: Should You Be in an Open Relationship?

First comes love, then comes marriage then comes…polyamory?

Nobody understands this more than women of color like Filomena Kaguako, a blogger from Ireland who wrote an open letter about racial fetishization after a disturbing experience on Tinder and Plenty of Fish., Kaguako's suitors send her comments like "was wondering if you know any hot brown/black girls," "just want a new experience" (when asked why he's pursuing black women specifically), and "it's not every man who wants to marry and have children with a black woman." Messages like these make her feel like "just a statistic or something to tick off a check list," she told the outlet.

Kaguako's letter, addressed to "Irishmen," describes why comments like these are so harmful.

Have you ever wondered if an open relationship is for you?