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Lots of room for controversy AND, for lack of better word, funny drawringz! My point is that online dating is worth trying, but don't put your hopes and dreams into it. Just remember that eventually you'll have to step outside of your home and actually interact. I know this might sound like a cheesy moment from Full House, but if you just relax and be yourself, things will always work out one way or another. This isn't exactly a comprehensive guide, but hopefully it'll kickstart your brainmeat into action.

What's next - Theoretical Thermonuclear Space Physics? Well this blog is just something I felt that needed to happen. Some of you who know me on a personal level (that narrows it down to three people) might even say that this was LONG overdue. The girl I ended up meeting suddenly tells me she has a boyfriend (after I picked her up), then my truck broke down, and her stupid fat boisterous overly-opinionated friend showed up to "rescue" her stupid fa-- *ahem* Sorry. Remember, dudes have had their penises forcefully removed from their torso by messing with the wrong crazy person.

Five BSGE students were interviewed on their prior experiences or general observations about dating in school, and all are anonymous for the sake of privacy.

“Crowded,” “constrictive,” “restrictive,” “open,” and “awkward” were all used to describe dating in BSGE.

A smart woman might feel attracted to him physically but she'll be able to separate her brain from her loins and think, "Didn't I see this douche-noodle on Tool Academy? I've tried online dating before and have had disastrous results. Are you looking to find someone to marry and produce gobs and gobs of babies? There's nothing wrong with choosing the "just getting laid" option, but you HAVE to be honest with whom you bring to bed.