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"They were just fascinated, it has captured everyone's attention – they even have experts searching."They just love that someone from so far away cares about these people."For Macdonald it was not about going viral, but the people in the photos and the kindness of those willing to look for them.

Finding the photos again brought up all the same emotions she felt the first time she saw them: it had been "amazing, sad, puzzling".

Johnny and I went to the Alexander Wang H&M show a year ago in New York, and it was so fantastic and we have done a collaboration with them in the past and they are so great to work with."A quick turnaround trip to Paris for fashion?

Sure, one of the biggest celebrity couples of all time broke up in 2016, but a number of notable relationships also got their spark this year. One of these duos just might become our next supercouple. Word of the secret relationship only broke in October, even though they started seeing each other months prior.

It's clearly not unheard of for women to wear some jewelry on finger, even if they're not doing it for the reason many may assume, but there's obvious speculation as to whether or not there's an engagement here, because secret celeb proposals. While the couple may not be tearing through wedding magazines to plan the ultimate ceremony, they are appreciating the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection from H&M Studio.