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PROPERTY DO: Fill out the master asset list for your attorney promptly and list all assets. DON’TS: Don’t use social media to respond in anger to bad things that are happening in your life or air your grievances about your spouse or your ex-spouse.

Don’t create extracurricular activities to exclude the other spouse from having parenting time. If you come across your spouse’s postings or photos online that reflect poorly on him or her, please print that out or preserve that evidence.

The court may require health insurance coverage for each child of the marriage, with either party to pay all, or each party to pay a pro rata share of, the health care costs not paid by insurance proceeds.

If you are undergoing a divorce, you may find yourself in the position of needing to make significant purchases, such as a more reliable vehicle to transport children, furniture to outfit a separate residence, or perhaps even a new residence.

When you purchase property (whether land or personal property) while a divorce is pending, a court may consider the purchase in dividing assets.