Dating violence prevention month

The planning committee has worked to create an experience for youth that recognizes that in order to build the next generation of activists, we need to do more listening and follow their lead.We will cover the summit in more detail as March approaches, but I thought #teen DVmonth was an important time to highlight this exciting event as part of the dialogue around preventing teen dating violence.

Libraries can hold informative programs and information tables.

They can make displays, post flyers, and be there for teens, or any customer, that approaches them with an issue.

Casey Keene of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) writes, “Young people have the power to change our world. Youth activism has propelled social justice movements throughout history, and today we are seeing youth taking on more issues than ever, employing a variety of creative strategies to accomplish real change.” I love Casey’s words about the power of youth activism.

Preventing teen dating violence requires social change and youth activism is an important driver for initiating that change.

In February, and beyond, how will you participate in preventing teen dating violence while supporting youth activism?