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A large share of primary energy supply in Ukraine comes from the country's uranium and substantial coal resources.

In 2014, 88 TWh was from nuclear, 71 TWh from coal, 13 TWh from gas, and 9 TWh from hydro.

Electricity consumption was 134 TWh after transmission losses of 20 TWh due to old grid. Total capacity is about 52 GWe, including 22 GWe coal-fired, 13.8 GWe nuclear, 5 GWe gas and 4.8 GWe hydro.

The new government formed in 2014 has confirmed these targets, and said that Ukraine aimed to integrate with the European power grid and gas network to make the country part of the European energy market by 2017.

A further update of energy strategy in August 2017 put the nuclear share of electricity at about 50% to 2035, with hydro 13% and other renewables 25%.

Energoatom expects nuclear to retain its contribution of 50-52% of Ukraine's electricity in 2020.