Dating tarpon springs

Although the colors varied, the basic body shape remained much the same.

These lures later were known at the "Famous Pikie Minnow" because they were, indeed, famous - and they still are.

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The Hoage Spoon-Fin was usually finished in natural wood.

They are rare, and Spoon-Fin boxes are difficult to find, too.

Manufactured only briefly, from around 1917 into the early or mid-1920s, the Bite-Em Baits (or "Bates" as some boxes proclaimed) included this wooden revolving bait that rotated on an axis with its unique hook armature.

Most Beautiful Unpainted Wooden Lure The Clyde Hoage Spoon-Fin Minnow is a 1930s Minnesota lure with a finely machined set of animated metal fins.

This one gets my vote for the most beautiful rendition of a natural perch finish.