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For over 170 years, STANLEY has been responsible for unlocking new levels of user performance through creating some of the most useful tools ever made inlcuding the Bailey® Plane, the Surform® shaper, the Power Lock® tape rule, and most recently, the Fat Max™ line of products.

Both vials are present but given they have lines may be replacements. The back side is factory cut away to show the prospective customer or tool buyer how L. Davis was going the extra mile in the design of the vial holders offered in their line of wooden levels.

They have been in it a long long time though, and may be right. The top plate is marked with the patent date of March 17 1867.

Our discovery teams work side-by-side real tradespeople to see how they work and identify ways to help improve their performance.

This means that our tools come with something special - understanding.

I'm almost POSITIVE that this little guy has been sleeping untouched in storage since 1981! This is likely the mark being discussed: Picture 2Notice the comma between the 19 and the 92. Mistaking this patent for being in the late 20th century is one of the most common perplexities to vex people who are new to the world of Stanley planes. Before this time the blades had the large hole at the top to avoid damage to the blade when removing the cap iron.