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If only meeting people today were as easy as starting a new class. But meeting new people is impossible if you stay in the same old routine.

Everyone has told you that meeting your mate can happen anywhere, but why not be a little more unconventional and try something new? The Dog Park Much more than a man (or woman’s) best friend, ol’ Roy can also act as a mate magnet.

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Meander over to the blood orange samples, raw honey or fresh kettle corn and smile at the stranger with his or her own eco-friendly jute bag. Around Town Pick up a copy of the newspaper and check out what’s happening around town.

You’re sure to discover that there’s some kind of “meet-up” every night of the week catering to people of all sorts of tastes.

Someone at the party knows the guy or gal that you have been eyeing and may be able to make introductions. Graciously accept the invites to your co-worker’s music gig on Tuesday night, or your cousin’s clambake at the beach this weekend. Everyone can benefit from a change in scenery, making new friends and quite possibly meeting some potential dates. The Farmer’s Market The open-air shopping marketplace of a farmer’s market is a people-watching fest, plus you get to mingle with the locals.

Many farmer’s markets have live music or performers that make for great conversation starters.

Check out a wine tasting, a reading from a published author or an open-mic night at a café.