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It implies that men want women who are not intelligent. Men do want intelligent women but they are not attracted to many of the traits that are very often found in high quantities in intelligent successful women. In fact, competition is the opposite of partnership. To be the better parent, to be a bigger martyr, to make more money, etc.Men want smart women but they want partnership and a lot of women don’t know how to leave their type A tendencies at work.

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Drama makes us feel the same emotions associated with healthy, natural sexual tension like uncertainty and nervousness and so many often mistake drama for passion and embark on a toxic roller coaster ride.

But drama lacks the excited anticipation, the admiration for the other that natural sexual tension has.

Likewise, to say that men don’t want to date an intelligent woman is incorrect because many men do want a woman who will turn him on sexually and intellectually, that is part of passion as well.

However, given society today and the way many people ignore or deny how passion and attraction work, with so many women taking the lead in both dating and relationships, intelligence in academics or career may be detrimental to a woman’s dating habits.

While these are very attractive traits to a company seeking a new hire, these are actually very unattractive, counterproductive traits in a woman while dating.