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The ancient Persian also used the name ' Arya’ and the word survives in the word ' Iran’.Iranians are one of three peoples of the world who have called their countries ' Land of Nobility’ or ' The Noble Land’.

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[9]The first Aryan migration into India and Iran took place around 2000 BC.

In Iran, as in India, the impact of the Aryans was to prove ineffaceable and founded a long enduring tradition.[10] These people brought with them their patrilinear system, their worship of sky gods, their horses and chariots.[11] In the second millennium B. there was close agreement between the language and mythology, religious traditions and social institutions of Indians and Iranians on the one hand and those of the Greeks, Romans, Celts, Germans and Slavs on the other.

According to the tradition of the Vendidad, the ancestors of the Iranians lived in 15 other countries turn by turn. Saptasindhu, the cradle land of Indo-Aryan civilization. Indian or Indo-Iranian groups who worshiped the Vedic deities were found in and to the north of Syria in the middle of the second millennium B. India is mentioned in the Avesta and there is some description of north India in it.

In the Rig Veda there are references to Persia – the Persians who were called Parshavas and later Parasikas, from which the modern word Parsi is derived.

The praleya signifying snow or frost is derived from pralaya or deluge in Sanskrit by Panini.