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I was dictating a note to my private secretary, but I left my work to run to the corridor from where I could see the sky open up in all its splendour.

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The change of seasons — from winter to the short-lived spring of north India, to the monsoons, to the clear autumnal nights of October and November, and then the winter again — tug at your heart strings, a curious mix of elation and nostalgia, for one such year that passes by means one year less to witness this great pageantry of nature.

I recall one year when the monsoons were delayed, but later came with a vengeance.

Subhash Ghai once said that Anu Malik is the only composer in the country who can create tunes for a song in 40 seconds.

In a long career of four decades, Anu Malik redefined the way we listened to music.

When Anu Malik picks his harmonium, humming a melody, it indeed becomes a melody, something even the millennials miss hearing these days, amid the crowd of rap and rock songs.