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If Kraft singles is your idea of cheese, you've no business calling me a twit. It seems the French, German and in Holland that girls ARE NOT SHY! You almost never see the stupid games we play here.On the other hand, I do have a penchant for a grilled-cheeze with tater-tots and those singles are convienent... And if you've seen different and better, you'd recognize it more.

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Dating people from different cultures the truth about dating guides

Again, that obviously is just a general overview, and there are always exceptions to those.

Those comments about hot showers and cold rooms in Europe is a cultural thing.

I remember getting picked up once in Grenoble, France overlooking the french side of the Swiss Alps, sipping German beer at a little sidewalk cafe. I can't tell you how easy it is to pick up girls at Paris night clubs. Ever notice how well the English fellow does here once the local girls hear him talk? If your thinking about going overseas, you have to do it.

And don't take a sandwhich to the pantry if you know what I mean. Over-seas women have a much more relaxed, less victorian/puritanical approach to sex and dating."***Well, I'm German, and when I grew up there in the '70s we didn't really 'date' like Americans.

In North America the low cost of electricity allows us the luxury of wasting it.