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Khloé Kardashian may have more money than, well, nearly everybody, but according to her, the man HAS to pay on the first date -- no exceptions. These (and about a dozen other) questions are enough to keep you up all night. Having a man pay on the first date doesn't necessarily mean you're taking away a woman's emancipation.

This, of course, has stirred up plenty of differing opinions about whether this old school tradition is necessary or just kind of sexist. Therefore, if there's a mutual understanding the man pays, you avoid an awkward situation at the end of the evening. All it means is you're showing off that you're a gentleman.

That being said there are also some benefits and dealing with the issue of who should be paying on a same sex date is one of them!

Answer: A gay teen writes to the forum:"OK so me and my friends were talking about this the other day and we're not sure what to really think.

It can be more challenging to meet potential partners, you might have to hide a relationship from your parents and friends, and going out publicly could expose you to homophobic reactions.