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In some cases, computed tomography (CT), ultrasound, or introduction of a contrast material into the area of herniation and subsequent x-ray analysis (herniography), can visualize an incisional hernia. Closing the defect in the abdominal wall with sutures may repair small hernias.

Weakness occurs most commonly following lower midline abdominal surgeries (34%) (Deveney).

Herniation is more likely in vertical incisions than in horizontal (transverse) incisions.

The material used to close the incision also may contribute to incisional hernia, as may poor wound closure technique.

An incisional hernia is not to be confused with a surgical wound dehiscence; in an incisional hernia, the skin is healthy and has healed.

The incision sometimes is closed using a patch of polypropylene mesh material as added support for weakened fascia.

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