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BRILLIANT- The New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages records all births, deaths and marriages occurring in New South Wales and provides documentation to individuals to help establish a range of legal entitlements. Armed with this index, it is a very simple task to download the particular page of the newspaper that you require and read it at your leisure either on or off line.

The downloads are read via Acrobat Reader, which is also available free for download on the internet.

Transcripts of letters by and about Alfred Walder sent from Queensland to Horsham, England between 19.

(Kindly supplied by Kay Mc Garry of New York) Extracts from " Ladies of the Royal Admiral 1792":(Including lists of convicts, soldiers and crew) Women and Female Children of the Royal Admiral 1792 - Founded in 1944, the Illawarra Historical Society aims to preserve the history of the Illawarra through: Preservation of artefacts, documents, photographs etc.

Captain Cook first saw Aboriginals on our beaches in 1770.