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Travel and “hunt” with me, the “husband hunter,” I will show you how Moroccan men are through the eyes of an European woman.143956322 #18016By Anonymous on Sunday, April 02, 2006 - pm By Anonymous who wrote on Saturday, March 25, 2006 - pm: *Did u not know he was already married? *He probably hasn't had a relationship as you and I might know. *This is the year 2006 and I can not believe these men are being stereotyped as wife beaters and visa seekers.* No, not all are. *living in Morocco as man and wife for two years now.* You live in Morocco.Does she have to have a job to be able to bring him back to the states?

Is it safe for me to go and meet my boyfriends parents in Morocco?

Should I be worried he says they come from a nice part of Morocco outside of Cassablanca, and i should not be nervous about visiting.

The eight other Moroccan women didn’t have to verbalize what was apparent to the two of us remaining.

Perhaps it was an anomaly however it was clear that we were looked at as starter wives and that eventually our husbands’ would divorce us and find the “real” wife from home.

By Manuela Lanza How much do we really know about Moroccan men and their culture?