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He had originally planned to make the donation to the church of St Mary Magdalene and St Michael which stands opposite.

He apparently changed his mind after the local clergy refused to trim a overhanging tree in the churchyard which regularly knocked off his hat!

The Binfield Road site later became the St Anthony's Boys' Home / Hostel.

The Lincoln Memorial in DC has been defaced after a week of statues being vandalized around the US.

What later became the Easthampstead Union workhouse incorporated a group of almshouses dating from 1826 at the south of St Mary Magdalen and St Michael's church in Easthampstead. of South Hill as also three hundred pounds were given by him to the parish of Easthampstead for ever in consideration of the land which he enclosed, with the consent of the Lord of the Manor, a Freeholder of the said parish in the year one thousand seven hundred and sixty.

The history of these buildings is told in a plaque on the front of the building: Easthampstead, 2000. These almshouses were Built in the name of William Watts Esq.

Someone carved out M E but it appears the carving had been there for awhile.