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Leakage of urine at orgasm (but not at penetration) is particularly linked with having an irritable bladder ( In 1950, a Dr Grafenberg described what he called “female ejaculation..expulsion of large quantities of clear transparent fluid at the height of orgasm”.

Some sex manuals still talk about this ‘female ejaculation’ as if it were some kind of discharge of sexual glands.

A spokesman for Care Not Killing, which campaigns against assisted dying, said: “This is another deeply troubling case and sends out a chilling message about how society values and looks after elderly people in the UK.” In May a father with cancer ended his life at the Swiss clinic Dignitas against the wishes of his family, despite admitting “I know I am going too early.” Jeffrey Spector, who had a tumour on his spine but was not terminally ill, died at the Zurich hospital because he feared he would become paralysed.

In a final interview given hours before he died Mr Spector, 54, admitted: “I am jumping the gun. she preferred to have a pre-emptive, doctor-assisted suicide.” The former nurse had no major health problems, and was on no medication.

Do not judge me." However, Dr Michael Irwin, the co-ordinator of the Society for Old Age Rational Suicide (Soars), who helped the retired nurse with her plans to go to Switzerland, said: “Some will say that Gill was wrong to avoid the expected decrepitude of ‘old age’ but, having seen much suffering as a palliative care nurse, she took the rational decision that . She said she suffered from intermittent back pain following a bout of shingles, and had tinnitus.