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He is more compassionate than some of the other greasers, piting the socs several times in the novel and questioning the purpose of fighting between the two social classes. He is followed and jumped by a group of socs(the rich gang from the other side of town), who threaten to cut him up.

He is also willing to help others, as shown when he runs into the burning church to save the schoolchildren, or when he picks up broken glass bottle pieces off the ground so that a car doesn't get a flat tire. Ponyboy struggles to escape the socs' clutches and gets cut in the process.

He is fairly quiet, and only opens up to a few people.

Cherry Valance describes Ponyboy as sweet and dreamy. Ponyboy Curtis walks from the movie theatre one day.

Ponyboy, like Sodapop, is under Darry's legal custody and must stay out of trouble in order to remain with him.

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