Dating in french translation

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Dating in french translation christian dating book for teenagers

Fluenz has been wonderful so far, filling in some gaps formed over the years while at the same time teaching me new phrases and pronunciation techniques in each session.

Being able to recall vocabulary learned in the past and adding to my existing knowledge of French has been equally rewarding.

Enabling this requires the user to correctly use accent marks when typing a word (such as "très" rather than "tres"); typing the word without the right accent marks is considered incorrect in Challenge Mode, and while this may be frustrating at first, it forces you to learn the accent marks that are crucial for a language like French.

Having an option like this makes a lot of difference in the language learning process, and I'm glad Fluenz decided to include it as it has benefitted me tremendously.

The exercises following the scenarios are well thought out, and are a good balance of repetition and variety so that you really come to understand how & why the language is structured the way it is...