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Qatar's Memorial, a 1986 Arabic history book, alleges that a functional self-governing town existed before the arrival of the Utub.

It supported this claim by invoking two purported historical documents, but they were later discovered to be forgeries produced by Qatar in an attempt to gain leverage over Bahrain in their long-standing dispute over the sovereignty of the town.

The following poem was recorded about murair's water spring: وتشـرب أسـآر الحيـاض تسوفـه ولو وردت ماء المريرة آجمـا .

The Al Bin Ali were the original dominant group controlling the town of Zubarah on the Qatar peninsula, they were a politically important group that moved backwards and forwards between Qatar and Bahrain, The Al Bin Ali had a practically independent status in Bahrain and Qatar as a self-governing tribe.

The layout and urban fabric of the settlement has been preserved in a manner unlike any other settlements in the Persian Gulf, providing an insight into the urban life, spatial organization, and the social and economic history of the Persian Gulf before the discovery of oil and gas in the 20th century.

Covering an area of circa 400 hectares (60 hectares inside the outer town wall), Zubarah is Qatar’s most substantial archaeological site.

Zubarah's settlement and growth during this period is attributed to the dislodging of people from these adjacent settlements.