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Opening up is a slow process for women like me -- but when we do, we're all in. When one man broke up with me and I laughed at him (not my proudest moment for sure), it wasn’t because I didn't feel anything -- conversely, by that time I was just so disappointed in our relationship that I expected nothing from him. Most of those emotions are catalogued in an OCD label-maker kind of organization, in which I distinguish specific emotions and when and how to show them.

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All right, so there are some tough breaks in the dating world when you’re a little tougher, harder, or less emotional than the average girl.

But the best part of dating someone like me is enjoying a drama-free relationship.

Because of these _indisputable_ and well-documented "archaeological anomalies" some scholars understand that the Bible's Exodus account is _not_ an eyewitness account, they have suggested that it was written in a period when no one knew such sites were not in existence or were unoccupied and I concur.

That question has been asked by scholars and answered.

Not only that, but every time I show up to a shoot I have to re-earn respect from male counterparts. For some reason if a girl is emotional and cries all the time, but then toughens up and stands up to her boss, guys understand. My more typical version of showing I care is stocking your favorite beer in my fridge and cleaning up that one area of my apartment you hate. I’ll set my alarm for you in the morning, and get you coffee the way you like it.