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Actions for legal separation shall be brought in the proper county for commencement of actions pursuant to the Rules of Civil Procedure. If the residence of a defendant in an action for divorce, annulment, or legal separation is unknown, or if the defendant is not a resident of this state or is a resident of this state but absent from the state, notice of the pendency of the action shall be given by publication as provided by the Rules of Civil Procedure. At any time before a final judgment is entered in a divorce action, the spouses may convert the action for divorce into an action for dissolution of marriage by filing a motion with the court in which the divorce action is pending for conversion of the divorce action.

The motion shall contain a petition for dissolution of marriage that satisfies the requirements of section 3105.63 of the Revised Code.

(4) "Passive income" means income acquired other than as a result of the labor, monetary, or in-kind contribution of either spouse.

(5) "Personal property" includes both tangible and intangible personal property.

(b) They have not been terminated by death, divorce, dissolution of marriage, annulment, or other judicial determination in this or another state or in another nation.

(c) They are not otherwise deemed invalid under section 3101.01 of the Revised Code.

The conciliation procedures may include without limitation referrals to the conciliation judge as provided in Chapter 3117.