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Records show that a Korean Silla (in Japanese, Shiragi) emperor sent 80 musicians to the funeral of a Japanese ruler in 453.

The bronze part is very well preserved but sadly, as is often the case, the iron mid section and pin have long since rotted away.

Century token from Wickham (High Wycombe) in Buckinghamshire.

This coin is probably a Dupondius and dates to the early Roman Empire. As Emperor Domitian's reign was popular with the army and his subjects, but his totalitarian characteristics caused problems with the senate who saw him as a tyrant. Reverse, Sol standing left, head radiate, chlamys over left shoulder, raising right hand, globe in left, SOLI INVICTO COMITI, PLN in exergue, S F in field. Here we have a cupro-nickel Two Shillings from 1962.

Even though everything is worn smooth the head is still quite raised and this suggests to me that it might be one of those early Emperors like Nero, Hadrian etc. Sadly even though it has a silverish colour there is not a drop of silver in it.

Part of a Fob Seal which would originally have been attached to a watch.